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To ensure that our jewelry maintains its unique quality, the products are lovingly crafted with special expertise.


The main material for our jewelry is stainless steel. The material is robust, scratch-resistant, durable, considered environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. An advantage of stainless steel is that it does not oxidize in the air compared to other metals such as brass, zinc, lead or nickel. The higher-quality metal silver also oxidizes with the air, which can result in dark spots. Stainless steel does not have these properties, which means no unwanted discolouration on skin or products. This stands for its high resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is also suitable for allergy sufferers, which is why we decided to use the advantages of this material as the basis for jewelry production.


We use 18k gold plating to coat the jewelry. Because quality is our top priority, we use a thick layer of 18k gold. This is to ensure a long service life and the warm gold tone really flatters every skin tone.


Some of our products are set or set with zirconia stones. For these products we only use stones with a very fine cut. This makes the stones shine very beautifully and gives the pieces a very noble appearance.


The freshwater pearls that we use in our products are of considerable value. They are durable because they are made of solid mother of pearl. They are carefully selected and each individual pearl is unique, which means that they can vary in shape and colour. Since it is a natural product, they should be treated with love.


It is important to us that our packaging is made of paper and cardboard. The environmentally friendly material is ideal for recycling, which means that waste should be disposed of separately in the paper waste. The shipping envelopes are FSC certified. FSC Mix means that the material used for the packaging comes from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and material from controlled forests. Our mailing envelopes and jewelry boxes are also tailored to your order to minimize waste.

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