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In order to ensure an even longer lifetime for your jewelry, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Although the jewelry is waterproof, you should remove it before showering or bathing for optimal care.

With careful and loving handling, the piece of jewelery will accompany you for a long time. This way you can also avoid scratches or similar that could occur.

Ideally remove the jewelery before sport or a training session so that there are no sweat residues on it. If you still wear the jewelery during sport, we advise you to polish it regularly with a cloth so that the surface shines again.

We advise you to avoid direct contact with the piece of jewelry when applying perfume or lotions. Depending on the ingredients in these products, they can attack the gold plating of the jewelry, which could cause the gold plating to lose its longevity.

With optimal care, the lifetime of your jewelry can be extended. We recommend that you polish the jewelry with a cloth from time to time so that it retains its shine and accompanies you for a long time.

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